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New Tbilisi Metro network map

Dear friends,

as you already have noticed, I am graphic designer and sometimes I am even posting transportation maps to my blog. Today I have completed a new Tbilisi Metro network map and I wish to show it to you. I will appreciate any comment about it.

What’s actually wrong with other maps? – Nothing at all, but I didn’t find them very useful or even not readable. For example, once I have submitted one totally different idea of Tbilisi Metro map to the contest organized by UrbanLab – the community of local enthusiasts of comfortable city living. My map had plenty of useful information like streets, connections to the municipal buses at every metro station, notable objects with walking distances to them. Later I imagined – may be it is too much for such a short rides, which not exceed 30 minutes driving on longest First Line line between both end stations.

So I have created new schematic map of Tbilisi Metro with Tbilisi City districts and some additional information like rope-way and funicular lines.

Oh yes, please do not hesitate to check my designer’s portfolio in Behance and I will be thankful for any “like” at my Facebook profile. Don’t miss to get also Georgian Railway map for Summer 2018 and Tbilisi Bus network map 2018 created by me! :)

If you are interested on any collaboration, order design works or to get my maps without watermarks for commercial use, please write me in English, German, Russian or Georgian to my Facebook profile.

This new high resolution Tbilisi Metro network map (with watermarks) you can download for personal use by clicking on the image below.


Image by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


Sunny silence of Dusheti Town

You have not to drive your car miles away to find something incredibly beautiful in full of hidden stories. Here in Georgia you can find anything for your taste. Just look what we found during of our short visit to small town just right at the Military Road next to Tbilisi.

Images by Aleksandrs Znovs ©

That’s not all… Tbilisi Bus and Metro map is here!

Dear friends, if you think it is over with gifts from me I am going to grieve you – I have one more gift for you, but now for those who is using Tbilisi municipal transportation to get around.

Already from 2012 my new hobby was to create network maps of municipal transport and the reason was very simple – I didn’t find an appropriate network map for Tbilisi.

Unfortunately, not headquarters of Georgian Railway, neither Tbilisi Transport Company were interested on network maps I offered them for free. More – I even contacted The Georgian National Tourism Administration directly and Tbilisi City Hall by phone and email, but there were no interest as well. It is quite surprising, especially in case that Tbilisi bus network map and Georgian Railway network map created by me both are still the only easy usable maps since 2012, as I know. The more surprising thing is I didn’t ask anyone for donation and fully guaranteed to make high quality printing file for free as well. Each person I contacted appreciated my work, but that’s all…

Okay, despite it I just shared these maps with you all and I will be happy if you will find them useful. In the nearest future I will create the web page where you will find these maps in higher quality and also will see my visions for the future of transportation in Georgia and in some other countries. I am also planning to provide you with information and line maps of recently dismantled lines of Georgian Trams and Trolleybuses and many more.

So, what about bus network map you will get today, I wish to mention Irakli Zhozhuashvili – a very enthusiastic person, who helped me with information, some constructive critics and friendly support and wish to send big thanks to him.


Click on image above to enlarge.

Image by Aleksandrs Znovs ©

The time of apricots and figs


Yes, it is a time for figs and apricots and prices are becoming more friendly a day. Now you can get big and sweet figs for 2-2,5 GEL per kilo, but apricots for 3 GEL per kilo.

By the way, the “unfresh” look of the fig (like in picture) the tastier it is, so you can be sure to buy such without any doubt!

And be ready for melon as the next.

Photo-aftertaste of Independence Day

I could definitely say this year holiday celebrations were organised much better than the year before. Only the things I missed is local farmers specialities and possibility to get drinking water. The decision to locate the flower fair directly at the Parliament was good idea as well. Beside the hard restrictions for personal transport, citizens and guests have had opportunity to see how these restrictions, OF COURSE, were obsolete for governmental transportation. Despite some minuses, all the celebrations this year I can value as very good. Sakartvelos gaumarjos!

Images by Aleksandrs Znovs ©