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Tusheti. Shenako Village

Shenako is a beautiful village located 6 km away on the way from Kvemo Omalo to Diklo. Elevation: 2080 m AMSL. This village, by my humble opinion, has two notable sights – very funny houses with “eyes and surprisingly open mouths”, located on the north slope of mountain and beautiful small St. George Church. Houses of this village mostly are looking like abandoned and mainly has been not renovated for decades, but I find it more beautiful than other ones with bright coulored plastic roofs.

Images by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


Tusheti. Kvemo Omalo

I already started to tell you about my previous summer trip to Tusheti – the one of most beautiful regions of Georgia. To refresh your memories you can read this post.

We made this trip with one of most lovely and trusted friends of mine Giorgi Urushadze, who is lovely host and perfect driver.

After a long serpentine road Zemo Omalo Village (Lower Omalo) is the first well populated point located at 1880 m AMSL and is quite full of locals and tourists during summer months. Here are not notable buildings like (e.g. fortresses), but it is very good place to stay because of comfortable location to explore surroundings and to rest enjoying beautiful landscapes and quiet nights without a single airplane around and Tushetian songs coming somewhere from the outlying local houses.

Images by Aleksandrs Znovs ©

Tusheti. On the way

Last summer we decided to visit remote mountainous region Tusheti. After many stories we heard before we supposed it would be something gorgeous and, despite quite short visit, it definitely was unbelievably beautiful. I am (as well both my friends) very thankful to my best Georgian friend Gio for such a beautiful trip and I can say for sure I wish to repeat it and explore this place much detailed.

In spite of information about very dangerous road from Kakheti to Tusheti villages I could say for sure, it is not much dangerous as some parts of mountain roads in Svaneti, Khevsureti or Racha. The only thing I could mention is the right weather to wait for – in case of rain of snow any mountainous road could be the subject of big troubles. So, sunny weather and good car with appropriately working braking system is a must, guys.

In this post I will show you what we saw on the way, but let me say sorry for quality of images – my IXUS cannot afford such a bright sun and reflections in mountains.

From Kakheti flatness, passing Pshaveli Village, we entered a kingdom of bright green colour, singing small rivers and summer freshness of untouched rocks.

The road started to go up and after the serpentine of countless turns we get to the first place 1750 m AMSL – Torghuas Abano, where is located hot sulfur baths. This place owned by locals, as I see, can offer a stay in simple rural house.

Right before the bath houses we saw how visitors used to chill watermelons and drinks – just in cold water of waterfall next to the road, sweet…

After bathhouse we reached Abano Pass, which is 2826 m above sea level, where is possible to see two different sides of gorge with beautiful views.

Images by Aleksandrs Znovs ©