The time of apricots and figs


Yes, it is a time for figs and apricots and prices are becoming more friendly a day. Now you can get big and sweet figs for 2-2,5 GEL per kilo, but apricots for 3 GEL per kilo.

By the way, the “unfresh” look of the fig (like in picture) the tastier it is, so you can be sure to buy such without any doubt!

And be ready for melon as the next.

A time to prepare for Kazbegi Marathon

“Dramatic scenery, crystal-clear air and the indescribable grandeur of the Great Caucasus Mountains, alpine slopes, ancient towers and enchanting churches will accompany you throughout your race. Become a part of the Trail Marathon in Kazbegi. This marathon is a great chance to participate in one of the most exciting races and experience the unspoiled beauty of Georgia. We invite you all – runners, their families and friends to become a part of this thrilling marathon while getting to know the culture and traditions of Georgia. We guarantee an unforgettable experience! These memories will stay with you forever!”



More information is here:

Photo-aftertaste of Independence Day

I could definitely say this year holiday celebrations were organized much better than the year before. Only the things I missed is local farmers specialties and possibility to get drinking water. The decision to locate the flower fair directly at the Parliament was good idea as well. Beside the hard restrictions for personal transport, citizens and guests have had opportunity to see how these restrictions, OF COURSE, were obsolete for governmental transportation. Despite some minuses, all the celebrations this year I can value as very good. Sakartvelos gaumarjos!

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Images by Aleksandrs Znovs ©