Betania. Season opening 2017.

As first trip for this year we have chosen a half day long trekking trail from Akhaldaba Village to Betania Monastery.

A medium difficulty trail is going through the beautiful forest with some waterfalls and rocks. Trail is 8 km long and takes approx. 2 h to walk. Time to time signs shows the direction you have to walk, so it is quite easy to get right way.

More clever, I think, is to get to Betania Monastery by car and when you reach Akhaldaba Village, you can take Tbilisi municipal bus #82 to get back to the city or to ask your driver to wait there to pick you up.

Probably better time to walk is springtime, when trees just started to become green and everywhere is full of forest flowers or in colourful autumn time, but even in half snowy winter and early springtime this trail is beautiful as well.

Images by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


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