The untold beauty of Javakheti

Yes, Georgia is surprising and every next time I repeat it again and again. It seems like this country has a big deposit of “surprises”.

This year is the first time I have visited the Javakheti Region. I planned to do it during the summer, but I just has waiting for my Latvian friends to share this trip together. I even have had doubts is that the right time – the end of October – to go to this mountainous region, but it seems it was the right decision. Why I think so? – Just look at the pictures…

In lover Javakheti it was still “golden” autumn, but a bit higher – a kind of winter. You can easily see the difference between first part of pictures and last.

We started this one day trip in Borjomi, where we spent the night. After 1 hour we entered Akhaltsikhe town with its renovated fortress. The next destination was Vardzia cave town – something gorgeous! After passing Khertvisi Fortress we turned to the Akhalkalaki / Tbilisi road, which goes through the totally different landscape. On the way it will be able to see 3 beautiful lakes – Paravani, Tsalka and Saghamo lakes, to visit Phoka Monastery where to buy handmade and beautifully packaged cheeses and chocolate. By the way – all roads was perfect and it is no necessary to take 4×4, any car could be good for this trip!

The trip route you can find here.

Pictures by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


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