Sobissuri – natural apple juice


During my lunch time I have decided to drink anything and just imagined what I will find in cafe’s fridge – the same dirty Fanta or fully artifical Georgian lemonades with some carbonated water brands… While I looked inside the vitrine I found something eye catching – brown glass bottle with stylish label – a Georgian origin natural Sobissuri apple juice . Not only stylish, but naturally sweet, mild and very tasty. And the price was just 0,50 USD per 0,5 L bottle.

After my lunch break I decided to google for info and look what I have got: this juice produced in Sobisi Village (next to the border with Georgian territory annexed by Russia) by Sobisi Youth Cooperative. In frames of German-Georgian project, sponsored by German Embassy and some other German institutions, young people started with production of 1.000 bottles and in 2012 there were already up to 10.000 bottles per year.

Unfortunately, Avocado Cafe is the first and only place I saw this natural juice and an information in Facebook and in their website is only in Georgian and German.

If you are familiar with any of these languages, let’s check the information here:



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