One of a kind. Khachapuri Lazuri


Probably or even definitely the best khachapuri ever. At least it is the best kind I have eaten for 3 years being in Georgia. This kind named Lazuri (Lazetian style) is something like Imeretian plus big slices of Suluguni cheese on the pie surface. This is the first time I tried that style and it is the first place as well. You can try it in Madliani small restaurant located in a corner of Tsinamdzghvrishvili St. and Chikobava St., in a basement floor. Looks a bit distracting from outside, but really beautiful inside. By the way in this place you can get draft beer unfiltered Madliani, made by owner – you even can see big stainless steel barrels inside the restaurant, where this beer stored and brewed. Try also tasty khinkali and yummy kababi with cheese! Here is the location (it is just a few steps away from Flea market of Dry Bridge. Click to enlarge):



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