Olympic torch of Sochi-2014 carried by the killer of civilians in Georgia – Captain Ivan Nechayev


On October 6th, 2013, the killer of civil people of Georgia – a pilot of Russian Army Captain Ivan Nechayev (Иван Нечаев) carried the torch of Sochi-2014 Olympic Games in the first part of Olympic marathon in Kremlin. This pilot flew the military plane and bombed civilians in Georgia. For “courage” and “heroism” in the performance of military duty, by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on September 5th, 2008, Captain Ivan Nechayev was awarded with “The Hero of the Russian Federation” title. It is a special action of the Russian Federation to show the World, that Russia could do anything they want.

What a pity, that all Olympic teams worldwide accepting these bloody Olympic games and almost no one talking about it. Even Georgian team still discussing about the boycotting these games, but by now they still decided to go Sochi. I think, if Georgian team will go to Sochi, they will show the same cowardice as all other countries.

I ask all readers to pass this information forward, thanks.


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