Telavi, the capital of Kakheti region

I have visited this town a year ago before the renovation works of the historical downtown still were in process and I could say this town looked quite gray and uninteresting before, but now I could say it is a destination to enclose to your trip over the Kakheti region. Of course by step aside the renovated street you will see the same dusty streets and houses as before the renovations, but that’s life.
IMG_2136 IMG_2137 IMG_2135 IMG_2134 IMG_2131 IMG_2130 IMG_2129 IMG_2123 IMG_2121 IMG_2119 IMG_2114 IMG_2106 IMG_2107IMG_2111
IMG_2105 IMG_2093 IMG_2087 IMG_2085 IMG_2083 IMG_2080 IMG_2078 IMG_2077 IMG_2076 IMG_2074 IMG_2072 IMG_2069 IMG_2067 IMG_2063 IMG_2059 IMG_2058 IMG_2057 IMG_2055 IMG_2052 IMG_2050
Pictures by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


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