To find beautiful area of Sioni Reservoir

IMG_4988 IMG_5056 SIONI-1
IMG_4970 IMG_4978 IMG_5051  IMG_5060 IMG_5069 IMG_5120
IMG_5147 IMG_5167 IMG_5197 IMG_5304 IMG_5442 IMG_5312 IMG_5471 IMG_5480 IMG_5501 TBL-TIANETI
Good idea to spend your day is to take friends and with cars go to rest to Sioni Reservoir located 65 km from Tbilisi central part.

You have to take Tbilisi-Tianeti Road, which starts from the Gldani District. Serpentine-like road going through the spectacular woody mountains up to the top and then down. The government is making road renovation works, so the part of the road is already in good condition, but some still not, so please note, that the driving time will take approximately 1,5 h each direction and the best time to depart Tbilisi is 9-10 am Directions where to go you can see in the map.

Area of Sioni is very beautiful, with crystal clear air and the reservoir’s waters are not polluted, because it is no pollution sources in this area. The only “traditional” Georgian problem is huge amount of waste in a coastline, so if you are too sensitive to that, please choose further way from the traditional resting place directly at the dam, as for example suggested (see dashed lines).

Pictures by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


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