DG Blog’s small support to people of Turkey. Please share!


A message from my friend Zeynep Dagli in Istanbul.

“Dear friends from all around the world, something very brave is happening in Istanbul right now.

Yet we are getting almost no coverage from local media except for 2 channels since all else is suppressed by the government. What started out as civilians opposing the building of a shopping centre in one of our few remaining green corners, has turned into a strong voice against a government who is unable to listen to its citizens. Erdogan said ” I have decided and that’s that” which is what escalated the pressure that has been hiding in everyone all along. Police has been spraying tear gas for hours non-stop against its own citizens who are offering food to the sleepless police in return. What is even more interesting is that a young generation who deemed to be apoliticial are one voice one strength, sunnis, shias, armenians, leftists, nationalists, jews are all one voice against a government who turned deaf. The youth is one voice since they never really felt that they were different.

What I ask of ALL of you is please help us spread the word. We get ZERO coverage locally. Facebook and twitter are our only source. Even that is being blocked by jammers around the square. Local media is supressed by the government.

They have stopped broadcasting CNN, AlJazeira, BBC on the local digital cable.

So please help us spread the word. Imagine Time Square being occupied for 5 days with civilians being sprayed tear gas all over non-stop and none of the US channels were saying a word on it.

Please help us spread the word.”


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