Bordjomi-Bakuriani. The old and beautiful narrow gauge railway line.


The opportunity to see beautiful sights of mountainous area of Borjomi National Park offers to you the 38 km long Borjomi-Bakuriani line, operated by Georgian State Railways. Through slow journey (2,5 hr.) up to the hill the train leads you to Bakuriani, which is famous winter ski resort. Through green valleys and gorges, along the breathtaking steep sides and on old bridges you will feel a step out of crowded Tbilisi life. Train timetable is not very comfortable, but if you will plan 3 days journey to Borjomi Park and Bakuriani with at least 2 nights in hotels, hostels or locals, it could be good chance to feel yourself more near the nature. Actual departure time from Borjomi: 7:15 and 10:55, but on the way back from Bakuriani: 10:00 and 14:15. Enjoy!


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