The soup with Cockroaches. Mmmm, Yummy!

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Who knows, probably it is really tasty, but I am not such kind of lovers of exotic cuisine to eat that.

When I overcame to Georgia for permanent stay, I have heard many stories of locally living foreigners, who are really happy to visit a simple kind of bistros of Tbilisi. They usually said “there are so simple indoor design, sometimes looks even terrible, but the food is really tasty and it won’t empty your pocket”. So I started to explore what Georgian “simple bistros” are.

Many times I was really happy to discover some pearls of local kitchen, but not all the time. One day I decided to find a new bistro with my friend. The name is “Ludis bari” (Beer bar) and location at the small park at the beginning of Tabukashvili St.

Yes, all was simple as simple it can be. I ordered ostri (meat stew), which looked so tasty, but after some seconds I found one fatty cockroach in my dish. Of course to discuss with locals when they has no right is the full time wasting – you always will be the wrong one… The thing which made my mouth opened with delight was the question of angry waitress: “Okayyy, but who will pay me for this dish?!!!” Of course, I didn’t pay for it and after some unsuccessful discuss we left this “pearl”.

Dear visitors of Georgia, please be very careful when you try to find something new here. Georgia has no Institutions, which controls and supervises the quality of food in restaurants, so your wishes to get interesting adventures could have a very bad end and cockroach in your dish it is the smallest thing you can get.

In any of my following posts I will start this theme and will guide you how to behave. Let’s stay in touch!

Picture by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


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