Old renovated Mtatsminda Funicular route opened again

Some news for rail transport lovers – recently has been relaunched fully renovated Funicular line to Mtatsminda Hill top.

Coaches bought in Switzerland by company Doppelmayr Garaventa Group.
Ticket price: 2 Lari (1,60 USD) per one way journey plus you should buy a special Mtatsminda Park Card for entrance (unfortunately, no cash payments or payment with Metrocard is allowed)

The construction of t he funicular on mount Mtatsminda began on September 15, 1903 and lasted till February 23, 1905. The funicular railway was consecrated and became operational on April 9, 1905. It was built by the Belgian Anonymous joint-stock company according to the 1901 project by an engineer Ragoler. Another engineer, Slash, supervised the construction. The funicular was commissioned in connection with the envisaged building on the upper Plateau of Mtatsminda. It was also planned to run electric trains between the upper funicular station and the suburban Settlement of Kodjori. The stations at both ends of the funicular railway were designed by A.P. Shimkevich, an architect from Tbilisi. In the years of Soviet power they gave way to new stations.

Congratulations to Tbilisi inhabitants!

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  1. R. Ben Madison

    This is great news! I last rode the funicular on my last trip to Tbilisi, which was in May of 1986…. I’m looking forward to riding it again on my next visit in the summer of 2013.

    • wofka

      The Municipality of Tbilisi recently decided to renovate step-by-step all funiculars and to build some new… Will see how it will be because of political changes…

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