Simonay Zaodi, Gurjaani Village, Kakheti

Somewhere in Gurjaani Village is living a winemaker Simon Ruadze who makes wine by traditional local methods and have decided to let the tourists to visit his house and show how wine is brewed. He named his living place with funny name “Simonay zaodi”, which partly delivered from the Russian language and meaning is “The plant of Simone”. Mostly people visit his family by previous request, but we just came over without any call or email. Anyway, all was perfectly – the wife called the husband, who just has overcame home a bit later.

After tasting some kinds of wine and chacha, we got some concert, performed by the owner and his friendly family. We have seen the “qvevri”, where the wine is brewing. The qvevri is a big clay vessel, buried under the ground level and has stable temperature all year round, which is very important for good brewing process.

Being drunk, cultured, happy and got some figs and grapes we left this kind house.

Images by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


One comment

  1. გიორგი

    "სიმონა"-ს შემდეგ დაწერილ ასოს აღარ მეგონა, თუ შევხვდებოდი :)

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