Gurjaani wine factory, Kakheti


This small Kakhetian town has its own wine factory, where you, as the grape farmer can bring your grapes for winemaking. Of course, you will get money for that (70% from factury and 30% governmental subsidy).

Most things are very easy in Georgia, for example to come directly inside the factory and to ask for representative who will show all equipment and places. So here we got the same – very friendly woman Nino, who is working in Quality control laboratory. She told us many interesting things, shown all places of factory step-by-step. Between them was thje place where you can bring your grapes, washing and processing place with washmachines and mills and separators; the big hangar, where grape juice stored for fermentation; old traditional fermentation place with “khvevris”, mounted under the ground level.

When we asked her how many khinkalis she could eat, this small woman got blushed and said: “Only ten…”

Pictures by Aleksandrs Znovs ©



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