Kakhetian cheese and bread at the road


On the way from Tbilisi to Sighnaghi, when use Kakhetian main road S-5, somewhere at Badiauri village you can get fresh, gorgeously stinking, semihard, tasty Badiauri cheese for very nice price (8 Lari = 4.80 USD). This kind cheese in Tbilisi vary at 20-25 Lari (12-15 USD) per kg. Kind lady will let you try cheese and that’s not all, hereby you can get just baked Kakhetian style bread, directly from the oven. Buy some fruits or vegetables and your picnic nest is ready for pit stop. Oh yes, do not forget to buy home made Kakhetian wine ;)

Pictures by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


One comment

  1. გიორგი

    კახური შოთის პური :) როცა თონეში ძარღვიანი პური ცხვებოდა მისი სუნი მთელ სოფელში ტრიალებდა :)

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