Political dirtyness in most shocking way


Today, watching local Imedi TV canal, I've got to know how far could follow the fight between political parties on the day of elections.

As informed Imedi channel, in the private home wine cellar's wine but, which tradicionally is under the basement's floor level with only a 40 cm hole covered with clay cover, sinked 9 months old child in the Kakhetian village Gurjaani.
As told mother (activist of Bidzina Ivanishvili's opposition party) of this poor child, her child killed by the representatives of Saakashvili's party. No one has been seen, who could do that, no one heard anything – it is just a "naked words".
Of course, we still should wait for the end of investigation, but I still have some retoric questions:

How the mother of this small child could leave her child for such long time, that "someone" could take him and kill?
How important are political topics for the mother of this child, that she left him without the sitting?
How is possible for "killer" to get to the private house, full of relatives, friends and political colleagues, to steal the child and to sink him and no one saw the "killer"?
How is possible to know, that the "killer" was from Saakashvili's party?

Yes, we are still waiting for the results of police investigation, but for now it seems, that this mother is trying to put her fault to others. Hereby all in this world is possible, who knows, will see…
One thing, I would like to say: it is extremely dirty to use the life of this small sweet child in dirty plays between political formations, dirty!

Confused of all information, checked and unchecked facts, my deep condolences to the family of this child.

Information source: Imedi TV channel

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