New pricing system in Tbilisi public transportation


The Tbilisi Mayor’s Office launch a new system of payments for public transport on September 15th, News Georgia reports.
All passengers will be able to use their Metromoney cards to pay for public transport. The first ticketcosts are the same as before – 0,50 Lari, allowing passengers to use the subway and buses for free in the following one and a half hour with unlimited transport changes.
The new initiative was presented to the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office on September 7. It received 15,770 positive votes on the official voting website ( ). Teachers and pensioners (incl. handicapped) pay 0,20 Lari, socially unprotected people – 0,10 Lari.


Just to remind you: the previous pricing system was as follows: 1st journey 0,50 Lari, 2nd – 0,30 Lari, all following – 0,20 Lari.
So if you have to make the journey with one or more changes or roundtrip within 1,5 hour, now you will do it all only for 0,50 Lari, but before it was 0,80 Lari and more.
If you are using public transport 2 times a day (goung to school, working place etc.) and for each direction you use 1 transportation unit, before it costs to you 0,80 Lari, but now 1 Lari.
If you are making same 2 journeys a day with enough time before them (more than 1,5 h) and each direction you have to change transportation units (for example one change): before it was 1,20 Lari total, but now you will pay 1 Lari.



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