“Bank of Georgia” released next-generation Express Card


The leading commercial bank in the country “Bank of Georgia”  has launched Express Card – new generation contactless plastic card. Express Card is a brand new debit card offering 3 types of services: banking, transportation and savings (Express Bonus savings function).

Express Card is the first banking product in Georgia enabling payment, savings and transportation options all in one. With a single touch, consumers get access to fast and simple services of payment through Express Pay payment system. Express Card holder makes purchase with a single touch at trade/service centers, also makes municipal transportation payments at Tbilisi Metro, buses, mini buses and ropeway. Single contactless payment, without indicating PIN Code, is limited with 20 GEL amount. Above that, PIN Code is necessary in respect to safety measures.

Any payment (excluding transportation) gives consumers 10 Express scores as a gift, which can be exchanged for free transportation. Express score exchange to free transportation and checking the number of scores is possible through Express Pay and Bank of Georgia’s ATMs. Money can be transferred to Express Card at Bank of Georgia’s service centers, also through Express Pay, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.

Express Card account is opened in four currencies: Lari, USD, Euro and Pound Sterling. Maturation date of the card is 4 years, type- MasterCard Debit (price- 10 GEL) and MasterCard Standard (price- GEL 40). Express Card is eligible for everyone, regardless they receive salaries through Bank of Georgia or any other bank. For additional  information about Express Card visit: www.expresscard.ge


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