Ask for Aza


If you will go to the Central Tbilisi market for some shopping, on the left side of the downwards flowing street from the Main railway station, you will definitely see this always smiling mingrelian woman Aza. Already for years she is working in her own rented small place, where you can get all necessary spices, snacks, dried fruits, nuts etc. She is not speaking English, but very easy you can get in touch with her and understand each other. What I wonder: she is really kind, she is polite, never will full you. For this reason I am visiting her when I need some adjika, churchkhellas, pepper or anything else. Most my friends from abroad also coming to her. By the way, if you need something else, what she doesn’t have, she will advice you for better choice.

Directly on the opposite side of the street, her husband or sometimes her son is selling local green and black teas, as well coffee. As I am big lover of black tea, I buy it only here and for very reasonable price – for 1,20 USD per 100 g. Tasty and very aromatic!

Just ask for Aza!

Picture by Aleksandrs Znovs © 
Map: Google Maps


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