No pepper – no meal!


Now I cannot imagine my meal without hot pepper!

As in most Southern cultures, in Georgia is the same – cooks uses chili’s in all dishes, except desserts, of course.
You can find it as main ingredient in Ajika, Svanuri marili (Svanetian salt – salt/spices mixture), Satsebeli (tomato ketchup with local spices) and many other.

By the way, do you know, why hot pepper are so popular in countries with warm and hot climate? – I was really surprised, when I’ve got to know it.
One of main reasons are fungicide and antiparasitic properties of capsoicine – the substance, which makes pepper sharp.
So, if you decided to stay in such countries, start to eat this beautiful, aromatic, spicy stuff.

Picture by Aleksandrs Znovs ©

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