London 2012. "Independent" sportsmen from "independent" countries.


Just take a look to profiles of two sportsmen, who represents Russia in London Olympic games 2012.

May be someone will say: “Nothing special!”… I will answer: “Not at all, guys!”

Let me explain. Both sportsmen represents Russian Federation and they are coming from the the Southern regions of this country. The first one is Denis Tsargush (Gudauta town, Abhasia). The other one is Besik Kudukhov (Yuzhnaya Osetia, i.e. South Osetia).

If someone has forgot what Abkhasia and South Osetia are, I will remind. Both territories, even after being annexed by Russia, de jure are still parts of Georgia and aren’t recognized as independent countries by most countries in the world.

All authorities of Russia, South Osetia and Abkhasia are screaming at every corner, that both above mentioned territories are independent and both should not recognized as parts of Russian Federation. So, anyone could tell me, why these sportsmen represents Russian Federation, not their own “independent” countries?! Or these countries are not independent and simply are parts of Russia?

One more question: How legal is participation of these persons?



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