Tbilisi Sea Patrol


The community of locals and locally living foreigners, who is ready to make Tbilisi Sea area clean.

All people who visited this beautiful area, located in the territory of Tbilisi city, knows how terribly looks the coastline of Tbilisi sea – full of different kind of waste…
It makes a decision on us to create a group of people, who cares of this place and not only this one.
The concept of our newborn group is to manage this area clean in all possible ways. 
In a first time our target is to find as possible as more people who are ready to participate on “cleaning activities”, such as collecting all possible waste along the Tbilisi sea, moving it to the trash bins, what isn’t very difficult to do; providing locally living people with information about our group and ways how to save environment; creating collaboration with governmental and non-profit organizations etc.
People, who is ready to do this without any payment, who wishes to make new friends and ready to rest together after good work at this place, are kindly welcomed to join.
Now we are on a very beginning, but we hope Tbilisi and whole Georgia will become most clean places in the world.

Thank you very much for your participation and support in advance!

We welcome you to “Like” our page in Facebook.
As well please stay informed by following us in Twitter.

Yours’ Tbilisi Sea Patrol team.

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