Independence day’s activities



Many Georgians are too skeptic of their own country, but I see the power of this country and Independent declaration day has shown it.
In frames of decentralization activities of Georgian government, the Parliament of Georgia recently has been moved to the second biggest city of Georgia – Kutaisi and will take a place in a huge and ultramodern space-like designed building, about which I will tell in any of my next posts. So the Independence day’s parade took a place there, but Tbilisi authorities has decided to make “Made in Georgia” event on the main street – Rustaveli Avenue.
This event will show locals and foreigners what actually produced in this fastly growing country. I will just count all I saw on the streets: passenger train coaches; locomotives (between them also most powerful electric locomotive in the world, made in Tbilisi); agricultural mechanisms and tractors; prêt-à-porter; in Georgia fully assembled personal computers (between them: pc’s for children, which gets each schoolchild for free, PolicePad – the first pocket pc for policemen in the world); military stuff (armored personnel carriers, unmanned aircraft, various high grade types of weapons); aircraft and many other. Between them, of course, huge quantity of different sorts of teas, wine, cheeses, vegetables and fruits.
I have got a very useful information and after getting thru the crowded masses of citizens, I have a rest in the Independence square, where I was able to watch spicy Georgian dances and beautiful singing.

Pictures by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


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