Bolnisi. A town built by Germans since 1818


I was in an interesting place Bolnisi, which after coming the Bolshevics in 1921, named Luxembourg.

This small town is famous also for the cross, which is coming from Bolnisi and you can see it even in official flag of Georgia.

This town has typical German houses, what makes this town very interesting. Even road signs of local village names are provided with one smaller sign in old German font, what remind about Germans.

Unfortunately it is in very bad conditions, but I have heard, that German and Georgian governments are going to start a huge project of renovation of this amazing town.

Bolnisi is linked to one of oldest Christianity places in Georgia – Sioni monastery complex, which you can see on the top of the hill from any place of town.

I have half a day for exploring of this area, talked to local people and even have had very interesting conversation with locally living woman Fatima, who is Lak nationality of Dagestan and living here for already 40 years. I was happy she permits me to make a photo of her.

On the way back home we took some liters of local mineral water “Bolnisi”, which is possible to drink at public source at the road. This mineral water, which is rich of sulfur and iron, is also bottled and sold commercially.

Pictures by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


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