Tbilisi ecological reality

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Despite the municipality of Tbilisi is trying to hold the city in a glance, the attitude of most ordinary citizens to these “tries” are very chill, disrespectful and discourteous. In every step, in every corner people just making dirtiness in any possible way and it seems, it is a long way to walk to at least relative neutrality of attitude to the “self-evident” things as in rest of Europe and many other countries.

For me, as for a person from country, in which we love our nature, our house, our environment, is really regretful to see how locals HATES their livingplace.

I really don’t know, how to turn attention of this huge problem to Georgians, but every time I am trying to speak to people on the streets, only I can get is curious faces, stuffed with 2 big eyes.Why only we – temporarily living here foreigners, tourists ar love this country? Why?!

My dear all, especially citizens of Georgia and parlamentary stuff, if someone hears me now, I ask you all to help locals to start to love this amazingly fabulous country – Georgia! We all are proud to live here and we are proud of everyone who will join this way of thinkung about Georgia is getting the best country of the world!Thanks!

Pictures by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


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