Georgia – the homeland of wine


Among them is Antique author Apollonius of Rhodes, who panegyrics Georgia in his Argonautica in 295 B.C. Georgia is filled with legends, ceremonies and traditions that posses the deepest appreciation for wine making. To taste the wine born in this land of warriors and poets, in a valley guarded by the mighty Caucasus range, located at the cross-roads of the East and West, is like a pleasant stroll through history!

Thousands years of knowledge, tradition and excellence have contributed to the development of unique and exciting grape varieties from which Georgian wines are made.

500 sorts of vine, out of 4000 registered throughout the world, are Georgian. Special devotion to vine has kept alive nearly 500 local Georgian vine varieties – 38 of which are used for commercial wine production.

Famous sorts of Georgian wines are Rkatsiteli, Manavi, Napareuli, Tibaani, Tsinandali, Vazisubani, Mukuzani, Saperavi, Kindzmarauli, Khvanchkara, Ojaleshi, etc. The head of the Georgian table is Tamada, a person who proposes traditional toasts.

There are many traditions associated with wine.

In Georgia, newborn child is welcomed with a toast. At his death, a farewell is said with a toast. If you come to Georgia you’ll be excited with hospitality of the people. Traditions of winemaking as well as the secrets of preparing Georgian feast “supra”, which is an Aladdin’s cave of culinary discovery, are transmitted over generations.

The head of the Georgian table is "Tamada", a person who proposes traditional toasts.
The wine and food should complement each-other not battle against each-other. When pairing food and wine, the goal is synergy and balance. A good match will bring out the nuances and enhance the flavors and unique characteristics of both and the wine. 

Wine culture was given life together with the birth of Georgia. Grape seeds dated back to 7-6th millennium B.C. and 3000 years old huge clay jugs discovered during the excavations from ancient settlements prove this assumption. Some even consider, that a generic world "wine" stems from the Georgian word "ghvino" Many famous poets, writers and travelers describe in their masterpieces Georgia as the land of the antique traditions of vine-growing and wine making.

Photo source: Wikipedia


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