Tbilisi. No name bistro at Central market


Imagine: you are in Tbilisi, at Central market and you get hunger, but no ordinary tea houses or bistro’s around, just any weird and strange place. Are you going to enter it? – After take a look to the pictures, I am sure, definitely not! But you must to know one thing for sure – here, in Georgia, you can visit those places without any doubt of quality and safeness, for sure!
This country is special in this kind, and I will tell why. Such small, dirty-looking (not as bad as looks in fact) places are providing you with most tasty home-made-like food ever and for surprisingly low prices of dishes. In the same time all is very tasty, portions are big.
Why you could be sure for quality? – Very simply: such cheap places are mostly for locals, not for tourists. Here are coming people for neighborhood and many of them are already known by bistro’s owner. So, according to Caucasian and Middle East traditions, you should know – if someone will serve bad quality food, his will be “dead” in a week, because of bad feedback to most customers. It seems, it is good guarantee for you to be safe!
Nowadays Georgia are becoming very modernized and many places like this are already closed, but I hope many of it will survive.
So, if you will visit Georgia, you simply MUST to visit such places at least once and try local cuisine, such as “ostri”, “kharcho”, “chakhokhbili” or anything else for very funny price, which mostly aren’t be higher than 2 USD.

Pictures by Aleksandrs Znovs ©


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