Tbilisi – city of free WiFi


Tbilisi City Hall is implementing a huge project, within which, by the end of 2012 all the sections of the city will be covered by free wireless internet.

The project is aimed at freedom of communication, education and access to information, both for locals and tourists.

After full implementation of the project, it will be able to use fast and comfortable service in the streets, squares and higher education institutes, cars, buses and subway. For using free internet access it will be only needed to turn on your computer, telephone or any other device, find a network named “Tbilisi Loves You” and enter the network without any restrictions.  

Currently it is possible to use free wireless internet access on renewed David Agmashenebeli Avenue, in Abanotubani, Freedom Square, Gldani and Varketili. Tbilisi will be entirely equipped with WiFi system by the end of 2012. 

The mentioned innovation will be important for all those people who have business, or actively uses internet for educational of entertainment purposes. Carrying out such a project with the State patronage is unprecedented in the world. Even in such cities as Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rome, Prague, Istanbul, Jerusalem and so on, free internet – access is only available on the territories of commercial organizations. The first stage of implementation of the project has already started and it will be expanded till the end of the year.   

The Tbilisi Mayor spoke about the mentioned topic during a meeting with students.

Source: internet.ge


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