Tusheti. The picnic above Diklo Village

I still have a couple of things to tell you about our Tusheti trip and now I will show you the Diklo Village which we visited after Shenako – this one with its funny houses with surprisingly opened mouths. Remember?

This is a very small village, with its traditional Tushetian houses, elevated up to 2140 m a.s.l. There are no any specially notable objects to see, but it is a beautiful place anyway, especially for picnic if you go some 300 m upwards the hill. So you can enjoy your meal with beautiful-view-garnish.

Please don’t miss my previous posts about other places of Tusheti – Shenako, Kvemo Omalo and views on the way.

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Train Schedule of Georgian Railways. Summer 2018

I continue to provide you with freshly updated Train Schedule for Georgian State Railways. There are some departure and arrival time changes as well as one new direct seasonal train added – the express train Yerevan – Tbilisi – Batumi.

Despite kindly, but compelling requests not to use the map for commercial purposes without my permission, regretfully I ascertained that my requests were ignored, so I had to add a copyright grid to the image.

The map is my intellectual property, so I am asking again to request my permission for using the map commercially! Anyone can do it by sending me an email, which you can find in the Important Notice section on the map. Commercial use would be allowed after a small donation or even without, but by sharing the map in non-commercial purposes my name as an author of the map must be mentioned. Hereby I can also to offer to make special types of map for special requirements (i.e. extracting parts of map to separate image, making special map for touristic purposes etc.). Thank you for understanding and respecting my work!

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Tusheti. Shenako Village

Shenako is a beautiful village located 6 km away on the way from Kvemo Omalo to Diklo. Elevation: 2080 m AMSL. This village, by my humble opinion, has two notable sights – very funny houses with “eyes and surprisingly open mouths”, located on the north slope of mountain and beautiful small St. George Church. Houses of this village mostly are looking like abandoned and mainly has been not renovated for decades, but I find it more beautiful than other ones with bright coulored plastic roofs.

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Tusheti. Kvemo Omalo

I already started to tell you about my previous summer trip to Tusheti – the one of most beautiful regions of Georgia. To refresh your memories you can read this post.

We made this trip with one of most lovely and trusted friends of mine Giorgi Urushadze, who is lovely host and perfect driver.

After a long serpentine road Zemo Omalo Village (Lower Omalo) is the first well populated point located at 1880 m AMSL and is quite full of locals and tourists during summer months. Here are not notable buildings like (e.g. fortresses), but it is very good place to stay because of comfortable location to explore surroundings and to rest enjoying beautiful landscapes and quiet nights without a single airplane around and Tushetian songs coming somewhere from the outlying local houses.

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